Star Spotting: Katy Perry Checks Out Her Own Butt

(Credit: Marina Bay Sands)

This morning we were blinded by the light of Kanye West's neon suit, which he rocked onstage at Singapore's SINGfest, a festival that also featured Katy Perry, who just gave us a sneak peek of her "Teenage Dream" video. Out in Singapore, Perry didn't dress in neon or anything, but she did compete with Kanye, photo-op-wise, by checking out her own behind for cameras.

Above is Katy Perry hanging out at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where she came upon a giant mural of herself. Perry, naturally, found herself drawn to the representation of her own rear end, checking out the dimensions and accuracy of its depiction. If your butt looked like hers, you might too.

I don't know ... looks fine to me! But I would imagine Katy is her own toughest critic. Check out some more pics of Katy Perry hanging out in Singapore below.

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