Video You Need To Know: Kanye West, 'Power'

Real talk: The world is just more fun when Kanye West is an active participant and character in our lives. Love him, hate him or both, he is truly one of the most enigmatic, charismatic, vulnerable, venerated, egotistical and lovable musicians to come along in generations. So of course we're eager to consume his brand-new video for his fantastic single "Power."

This 90-second-long video is directed by visual artist Marco Brambilla, whose work Kanye contracted after becoming a fan of Brambilla's "Civilization" installation.

"Power" marks a change in the way we look at music videos as a medium -- it's less a music video, more a modern art montage with a heavy dose of ancient Egyptian imagery and possible references to Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" (with a fair Kanye-esque helping of chesty females). In it, Kanye West ironically builds an unattainable artistic empire fit for a king (or pharaoh), while condemning the role power plays in our lives. So much to think about.

+ Watch Kanye's new "Power" video and tell us what you think.