Star Spotting: Kanye West Glows In The Dark

(Credit: Kanye West/Splash News)

Last night Kanye West, who performed at the SINGfest 2010 in Singapore, tweeted "Neon suit ... am I glowing??? OK THEN," and I thought to myself, 'Sure, you're glowing, dude," and went back to watching TV. Then a couple minutes later, 'Yeezy tweeted again: "I feel the glow."

I had thought that Kanye was using the word "glow" as a euphemism -- like the way people used to say their suits were "shiny." But, lo and behold, dude's suit really was glowing.

Kanye rocked the neon number onstage where he performed his new single "Power" and acted as a beacon for any ships passing by in the Indian Ocean or South China Sea.

Katy Perry performed as well, rocking something of a two-piece bikini type thing, but she was quite literally outshined by the glow-in-the-dark Kanye. You know when you're showing up Katy Perry in the stage fashion department, you're doing something special.

+ Kanye West's "Power" video makes its world premiere on MTV tonight at 11/10c after "Jersey Shore."