Song You Need To Know: Taylor Swift, 'Mine'

(Credit: Taylor Swift/Getty Images)

Here we have "Mine," the first single off of what is no doubt one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, Taylor Swift's Speak Now.

It's easy to forget that it's been almost two years since Swift released her breakthrough album Fearless, but one listen to "Mine" and you can tell she's done a lot of growing up. If many of the songs on Fearless had a youthful, idealistic quality (and a deep unwavering belief in happy endings and fairy tales, i.e. "Love Story"), "Mine" immediately suggests we have an older and wiser Taylor Swift on our hands.

Themes of leaving home, breaking up and breaking down are readily apparent, as Swift opens the track with her typical eye for narrative detail: "You were in college, working part time, waiting tables/Left a small town and never looked back." When it's time to describe herself, she's cast as "a flight risk with a fear of falling."

Musically the song is a slightly more restrained and measured take on Swift's well-worn formula of twang-infused verse leading into a dizzying, hook-filled pop chorus.

It's an incredibly assured track, leaving us wanting more. Check it out below. Speak Now is due out October 25.

+ Listen to Taylor Swift's "Mine" here.