Woah! Lady Gaga Looked Super Normal In College

(Credit: In Touch Weekly)

The good people over at In Touch Weekly dug up this (relatively) old-school photo of Lady Gaga during her college year at New York University, back when she was just Stefani Germanotta, and just like “us,” she wore jeans and T-shirts to class and had to schlep her own stuff around. Hard to believe that a girl who wore a neck brace and a red lace snood to the 2009 MTV VMAs was wearing baggy jeans and a plain old shirt just a few years back.

Oh, and if you inexplicably haven’t heard, Lady Gaga’s been nominated for a record-breaking 13 VMAs this year. And while the VMA attendees haven’t been announced yet, could you imagine the shock if Gaga showed up on the 2010 VMA red carpet in … jeans and a T-shirt?

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