VMA Twitter Report: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & More VMA Nominees React To The News!

Yesterday was a big day for a lot of big artists, as the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards nominations were announced. Now, there was a time, way back in the sepia-toned era before Twitter when reporters armed with cameras would have to actually go OUT and interview these folks individually and ask how they felt about their nominations. But Twitter has made EVERYTHING easier! Now artists can just communicate with us directly.

So let's see how some of our favorite celebs felt about being nominated for VMAs.

+ Lady Gaga, with the nice use of umlaut: "13 VMA noms lilmonsters. Breakin records+breakin rüles. I love you, you Bad Kids are a part of me. PAWS UP!"

+ Justin Bieber looked back with a sad fondness at his onetime lack of notoriety: "Just found I was nominated for Best New Artist at the VMA's! WOW!! I remember walking the red carpet last year and no one knew my name."

Bieber also gave props to Gaga's huge haul of nominations: "congrats to all the nominees and to @ladygaga for her record breaking 13 noms. That's pretty pretty good." What a good sport!

+ Ke$ha sounded off in her typical, Jane Austen-esque manner: "holy sh**!!!!!!!!3 VMA nominations...!!! i dont even know what to say. im so grateful and thankful and stunned and excited."

+ Jared Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars was also pumped up to the point of cursing: HOLY F***NG SH**!!! FOUR MTV AWARD NOMS!!LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

+ Hayley Williams of Paramore used slightly less profane language but was no less excited: "Ohhhh my gahhh...Thank you so much everybody! We are so excited!"

+ Katy Perry was grateful to the VMAs, not only for the recognition but for providing her with a life partner: "Thanks @MTV for the noms, I've barely just started cranking em out! I luv the VMAs, u never know what u'll get from em! I got a hubby. LOL"

+ Don't miss the 2010 MTV VMAs live from Los Angeles on Sunday, September 12, at 9/8c!