Song You Need To Know: Katy Perry, 'Not Like The Movies'

And now for something completely different. Earlier today, in honor of Katy Perry's daring, baring Rolling Stone cover, we mentioned that the Katy Perry promotional/musical/charm offensive was about to go into full swing. Well, just like we said, it's Katy's world; we're just living in it. Check out her new song, "Not Like The Movies."

Where "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream" and what little we could make out of "Peacock" are all classic Katy rave-ups, full of aerobics-inducing beats and shout-along choruses, "Not Like The Movies" shows off the quiet side of Katy, in a similar vein as Evanescence's "My Immortal" and Britney Spears' "Everytime."

It's largely about how love never quite meets your expectations, never quite captures the cinematic magic of big-screen love stories. It's worth noting that Katy is actually marrying a film actor. It begs the question as to what extent the song is about Russell Brand. Given their apparent ecstatic happiness, I'm going to say, "very little."

You can check out the rather lovely "Not Like The Movies," below. It's actually available on iTunes now, so you have to figure it will appear on Teenage Dream, which is out August 24.

+ Listen to Katy Perry's "Not Like The Movies," here.