Katy Perry Wakes Up In Her Bra And Undies On The Cover Of 'Rolling Stone'

(Credit: Rolling Stone)

The Katy Perry offensive has truly begun in earnest. Television appearances, hosting gigs, singles released and magazine covers graced, all in anticipation of the release of the California gurl's second full-length album, Teenage Dream.

Nothing screams "I've got an album coming out" like an appearance on the cover of "Rolling Stone," which, for many artists, is truly a sign of "making it." Well, reverse that. Katy Perry is on the cover of the upcoming issue of "Rolling Stone," and, I think it's safe to say, girl has truly made it.

Despite being decked out in a bra-and-undies set that leaves little to the imagination, the majority of Perry's interview with "Rolling Stone" seems to focus on her rather strict religious upbringing -- one where deviled eggs were called "angel eggs," and you couldn't call yourself "lucky," because it sounded like the word "lucifer."

It's not all angels and demons, though. Katy Perry shares the amusing fact that she bought fiancé Russell Brand a ticket on Virgin Galactic's outer space flight for his birthday. Fly us to the moon, Katy.

Katy's Rolling Stone issue hits stands on Friday. Teenage Dream is out on August 24.