Star Spotting: Demi Lovato, Sitting Pretty

Here we have Demi Lovato, having a little "me time." Well, "me time," along with "cameras in my face time," but you know what I'm saying. Girl looks relaxed, at peace with herself and the world. Maybe that's because this photo was snapped on the set of Lovato's PSA, as part of a campaign for Clean & Clear.

Today I woke up, ate a croissant and thought a lot about my Fantasy Baseball team. In that same amount of time, it would seem Demi Lovato is able to make a PSA encouraging teens to volunteer for causes that matter to them, shoot an ad for a facial scrub line, and still maintain her youthful cool. What I'm saying is: My priorities are all wrong.

To celebrate Demi Lovato's ability to outshine me and multitask, let's enjoy her video for "Here We Go Again," below.