Song You Need To Know: Katy Perry, 'Peacock'

Katy Perry isn't doing much to temper our unbridled enthusiasm and anticipation for her upcoming album, Teenage Dream. First there was the ecstatic pop funk of "California Gurls," then there was the soaring power-pop of "Teenage Dream" and now we've gotten our first taste of the sexually charged "Peacock."

Perry debuted the track at the MTV World Stage in Malaysia last night. "Peacock," which MTV News has likened to the '80s  cheerleader anthem "Oh Mickey," by Toni Basil, is a a stomping jam, rife with, um, double meanings.

"Peacock" is the product of a late-inning collaboration with the Swedish production team Stargate, who has produced a grip of Ne-Yo's most beloved tracks. Perry had a late-stage studio session with Stargate, telling MTV News, "Halfway through the record, I was telling [Capitol Records], 'I've got a lot of jewels, but I don't really have that crown. I really don't have that full-blown presentation.' "

This punky and lascivious track will certainly get tongues wagging. We can't wait to hear the finished version. Teenage Dream is out on August 24. In the meantime, check out her "California Gurls" video, below.