MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: 2AM Club

(Credit: Brian Appio/MTV)

This week's MTV PUSH Artist of the Week is 2AM Club. We introduced you to the sultry, funky pop of this Los Angeles-based six-piece a little while back. And we found its Prince-like tunes so unforgettable that we had to push the PUSH button on them.

2AM Club has made a name for themselves via its live show, establishing itself as one of L.A.'s must-see acts. After recording some demos with the legendary producer (and former Talking Heads member) Jerry Harrison, the band went about the business of recording its proper debut, What Did You Think Would Happen, in New York, with the result due out in September.

Check out a bunch of interviews and videos below, including some incredible live performances of some of group's very best songs, such as "Worry About You," "Nobody's In Love" and "Flashing Room," all taken from the live performance at MTV. Oh, and check out more photos of the band, too.