10 Funny, Weird And Awesome Celebrity Twitter Profile Pics

One of the truly amazing things about Twitter is the insight it gives us into the minds of our favorite celebrities. And we aren't just talking about their tweets. Many celebs choose to express themselves in their profile pics, in weird, unique and fascinating ways. Let's take a look at some of the best (and strangest).

1.) Nelly, who goes by @nelly_mo, comes prepared for the next Twitter outage.

2.) Kevin Jonas: As the Jonas Brother with the lowest profile, @KEVINJONAS keeps up appearances by not making one in his Twitter profile pic. Instead we get a shot of his and wife Danielle Deleasa's yorkie, Riley.

3.) Trey Songz: You'd think @treysongz, the inventor of sex, could afford a nicer digital camera!

4.) Tyrese: @Tyrese's Twitter profile pic is only kinda safe for work. (View it here). Tyrese shows an affinity for online "animation" with this .gif.

5.) Kellan Lutz: "Twilight" star @kellanlutz does not look, um ... nearly vampire-y enough.

6.)  VV Brown: Nice hat, @VVbrown!

7.) Dan Coddaire: The Set Your Goals guitarist, who goes by @danthejew, discovered the effects tool on iPhoto with this pic. Who hasn't had fun with that?

8.) Justin Pierre: That is not actually the Motion City Soundtrack lead singer, AKA @JCPMCS. But he seems like a chill dude just the same, which must be why Pierre made him his profile pic.

9.) Jessica Simpson: Technically this is Jessica's background image, not her profile pic. But just the same, no image quite depicts @jessicasimpson's charms and ability to laugh at herself like this one.

10.) Kanye West: Honorable mention, since he just joined Twitter today (follow him @KanyeWest). Kanye's profile image is the artwork for his most recent single, "Power."

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