POSTED: We The Kings' Travis Clark On Bieber And Bras

With the amount of We The Kings content we are throwing at you, you might as well just switch majors and get your B.A.'s and B.F.A's in We The Kings Studies. You could probably write a thesis paper based on the amount of WTK knowledge you're about to receive.

Last week we hit you with some clips of singer/guitarist Travis Clark and guitarist Hunter Thomsen responding to your fan questions. And today we have Travis Clark, riding solo, doing a little more of the same.

In the below videos, Travis addresses a variety of concerns. Namely, which songs are easy to play on acoustic guitar ("Check Yes Juliet"), strange things he's had thrown at him -- bras are normal, iguanas are not -- strange fan experiences he's had and, of course, the state of his Bieber fever.

Check out the interviews below as well as the "Check Yes Juliet" video and watch them perform "Check Yes Juliet" live on the Warped Tour. all below. And get more up-to-the-minute tour diaries, updates, photos, videos and more from We The Kings on