Sh** You Need To Get: Lady Gaga's Signed Urinal

(Credit: Lady Gaga & Nick Knight/ SHOWstudio)

Via Vulture, check out the latest and by far weirdest (if, strangely, the most functional) piece of Lady Gaga-approved memorabilia: the "Armitage Shanks," a Lady Gaga-signed urinal.

The above urinal is showing at London gallery SHOWstudio. Gaga herself stopped by to pose with this piece of bathroom art (see here), which she has inscribed with the profane, if esoteric quip: "I'm not f***ing Duchamp, but I love pissing with you."

It's a reference to Marcel Duchamp, the Dadaist artist who made his own famed piece of urinal art called "The Fountain." That Lady Gaga, always mixing high and low culture, with a dash of commercialism.

+ How much would you pay for Gaga's urinal?