5 Things Katy Perry's New Perfume Might Smell Like

Yesterday, was a big Katy Perry day. Not only did the California gurl reveal her Teenage Dream album artwork (spoiler: she's NAKED!), but she also announced that she would be getting into the perfume game with her own fragrance, Purr.

Perry, who told WWD that she was "a product whore," explained her decision to create her own fragrance: "I saw a lot of my peers getting into this world, and, as with my music, I thought I could bring my touch to the category and make it competitive.”

We here at Buzzworthy are competitive, too. We like to guess what things will smell like before we actually get a chance to sniff them. So here are our five best-educated guesses as to what Katy Perry's Purr fragrance is gonna smell like.

1. Cotton Candy

Katy Perry definitely has cotton candy on the brain. Just check out her Teenage Dream artwork, above, which features her relaxed in a bed of the stuff. Perhaps Purr will smell like this sugary, fluffy treat.

2. Russell Brand

For that flirtatious, funny, unwashed hair smell.

3. Snoop Dogg

The "California Gurls" guest rapper probably has a rather, um, intoxicating smell (we're thinking of the world's most popular plant, you know, the one people use for medicinal purposes only) and maybe a light air of gin and juice.

4. Cherry Chapstick

For when you want to smell like you just kissed a girl.

5. Cats

It is called Purr after all. Citrus undertone is optional.

Purr is due out in 2011. Teenage Dream is out August 24. Check out "I Kissed A Girl" below.