POSTED: Travis And Hunter Answer Your We The Kings Fan Questions!

We The Kings are certainly a pretty knowable bunch of dudes. In their music videos and their King's Carriage comedy clips, they come across as boys next door who just happen to be in an unstoppable pop-rock band. Still, We The Kings fans are often left wanting more. Well, lucky for us, we have this three-part WTK fan question interview so we can all get to know even more about Travis (above, with his dog), and Hunter. It's all part of the embarrassment of We The Kings riches from

Travis Clark and Hunter Thomsen (who is rocking a mighty spiffy Newcastle United football jersey), were nice enough to take a break from their Warped Tour and answer as many fan questions as they could in this supersize We The Kings Q&A.

In these interview clips, Travis and Hunter talk "Twilight," hair care tips (the trick is constant touring and sleeping in a bus!), future touring plans (to Australia), how they feel about being treated like royalty (har har) in Tampa, Florida, and much, much more.

Check out all three We The Kings interview clips below as well as Travis' latest tour diary. And stay tuned for more up-to-the-minute tour diaries, updates, photos, videos and more from We The Kings on