Video You Need To Know: Asher Roth, 'Toni Braxton'

Asher Roth is a pretty easy dude to read. He loves college, so he makes a song and video that says as much. Now it comes to pass that the frat-rap hero also has a thing for whispery R&B chanteuse Toni Braxton. How do we know? He made a song and video about her!

Behold the adorable "Toni Braxton" video, an account of how the one-time-nerd-turned-rap-star got to the point in his life where he found himself grinding on the "Breathe Again" singer during a Las Vegas show. (Note: This actually happened!!)

This love letter of a song comes from Asher's Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry mixtape, but the video takes the Braxton sentiment to a whole new level. Rendered in Jetsons-esque animation, Asher raps over a classic GZA beat about how he once was picked last in pickup games but now finds himself suggestively dancing with Toni B. It's the new American dream, folks.

Check out the video (WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE) below. And rewind with Toni Braxton's "Breathe Again."