Meet The 4 Finalists Of The Free Credit Score Band Search And Vote For Your Favorite! scoured the country to find the hottest new band. After a  long and hard search, here are the four finalists vying for a chance to perform on the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards tour and have their music featured in the new commercial. Now it's up to you to vote and to help decide which band will win! Each brings a unique style and sound to the table, so check them out and decide for yourself!

Evolove: This L.A. alternative rock band, which formed after meeting on Craigslist, prides itself on engaging performances throughout the West Coast at venues such as the Viper Room, Universal CityWalk and The Hollywood Palladium. Evolove's vocals are fronted by lead singer Lucy Levinsohn and sound similar to the likes of Flyleaf and Rise Against. The group's debut album, 2012: Countdown to the End, was released in October, along with videos for tracks "Toyshop Girl" and "2012."

I Love Monsters: These New Yorkers named their band after a little boy they saw crossing Sixth Avenue, finger in nose, sporting a shirt that read "I Love Monsters." The indie-rock group considers its sound to be a mixture of dance rock with pop. Influences include The Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, Phoenix, The Get Up Kids and The Beatles. A dream came true for the guys when they were given the opportunity to play at the Gramercy Theatre, and they have also recently released their Rescue EP.

The Poets Dance: The Poets Dance is an electro band from Chicago. Its sound has a unique twist of progressive club rock and synthesizers, along with percussion. The group has strutted its stuff on Midwest stages such as The Red Lion, Chubby Rain and Penny Road Club. Its inspiration comes from bands such as Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Angels & Airwaves and A Love Like Pi. Combining a passion for dance music with a poetic-like sound is how this group named its band and describes its style.

The Victorious Secrets:

This gang from Sterling Heights, Michigan, entered a rock competition in Detroit merely to see if they could win. When they did, they decided to take their music a little more seriously. The newfound band has won over a loyal following with their pop-rock sound and original style. The boys are launching their EP this summer and use The Beatles as their inspiration. Since their official formation, The Victorious Secrets have performed at The Fillmore Detroit and Comerica Park.

You have from now until August 9 to select your favorite among the four finalist bands.  Who will be the Free Credit Score band AND join the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards tour? Get clicking and find out!