MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: La Roux

While we Americans did just celebrate our independence from England, there are a handful of British imports we should be thankful for -- Flake bars, Russell Brand and, particularly, La Roux. The twosome -- Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid -- hit mainstream in the States by the end of 2009 with their curious, impossibly compelling mix of 8-bit-bent electro-pop laced with Jackson's haunting, hunted vocals and undeniable amounts of vulnerability. La Roux's style -- a decadent yet detached, Bowie-meets-Blanchett (with a dash of Elvis and the Eurythmics) mashup of color and images only added to their hypnotic swirl.

But by the time your mom saw them perform on "Good Morning America" last month and asked you if you'd heard of "this La Roux," they'd already had the music blogs, and, er ... much of their homeland buzzing like a hive of angry bees, clamoring for more. And they'd already sold more than half a million albums worldwide. America's just getting started on La Roux's thrilling self-titled debut, while the U.K.'s demanding a follow-up album. Thankfully that's in the works. And, thankfully, La Roux's showing no signs of slowing down.

So whether you're just hearing "Bulletproof" for the very first time, or you've found yourself having heated debates over which "Bulletproof" remix is better, Hyper Crush's or Skream (or you're already remixing Lazerproof), we're thrilled to bring you even more La Roux.

Check out interviews with La Roux to find out more about the minds behind the enigma. See why they consider themselves a visual band and how their songwriting process works.

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