Lindsay Lohan Rocks Eff-You Nails In Court

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan's tumultuous roller-coaster ride of a life made a pit stop at Judge Marsha Revel's Los Angeles courtroom, where the "Mean Girls" actress was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation.

Lindsay made a tearful, somewhat touching, somewhat awkward plea to Judge Revel for leniency, claiming that she thought she had been in compliance with her court-mandated alcohol education classes. But was Lindsay sending mixed messages?

It would appear that Lohan was saying one thing with her mouth and another with her... nails. Above is a G-rated version of what appears to be the favorite retort of the world's rebels to the world's authority figures. She actually had what rhymes with "duck too" written on her nail. WHILE IN COURT!

Whether Lindsanity was crazy enough to actually be sending shots at an arbiter of justice, or if she was sending a not-so-subtle message to the paparazzi following her to and fro, is a mystery. What's not a mystery is where Lohan will be on July 20.