Demi Lovato Comes To A Mall Near You, Talks Shopping For Diamond Rings

Demi Lovato's got a very busy summer ahead of her. Not only is she heading out on the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam tour with the Jonas Brothers, but she's also kicking off the Shop Til You Rock tour, which features live mall performances by artists such as Hey Monday, Every Avenue, Cady Groves and more in 121 malls beginning July 17. But Demi's also taking time out to kick off Shop Til You Rock with three appearances, including a performance:

Get dates, locations, and band lineups here and get the scoop on Demi's three mall appearances below:

+ Demi Lovato will kick off the Shop Til You Rock tour on July 17 at the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California, where she'll perform two acoustic songs.

+ Demi will visit North Point Mall in Atlanta on July 24 for a meet and greet.

+ Demi will also visit the Stonebriar Centre in Dallas on August 1 for a meet and greet.

Now check out our exclusive interview with Demi Lovato and don't miss the Shop Til You Rock tour.

Buzzworthy: What's your favorite place to shop?

Demi Lovato: My favorite place to shop would have to be Urban Outfitters.

Buzzworthy: What piece of clothing or accessory is your most prized possession?

Demi Lovato: Probably my watch. It's a Jacob the Jeweler watch, and I got it for my 17th birthday. It’s got diamonds, so I don’t wear it all the time, but it’s just beautiful.

Buzzworthy: OK, what's your favorite thing to wear on stage?

Demi Lovato: I love high boots. I have a pair of Sergio Rossi boots I absolutely love. They’re amazing.

Buzzworthy: Are there any current fashion trends you're really into?

Demi Lovato: I'm really not that into trends, you know? I just kind of wear whatever I like, but I don’t really follow trends.

Buzzworthy: Is there any fashion trend you're just not into at all?

Demi Lovato: I’m really not into leggings like as pants. I see girls wearing that sometimes, and it’s fine with a dress, but not as pants! Leggings are not pants!

Buzzworthy: Who's your favorite person to shop with?

Demi Lovato: I love shopping with my friend Anna. She’ll be like “um no” when I pull out something terrible. I can't help it! I like everything when I'm shopping, so she helps me.

Buzzworthy: What did you buy the last time you went shopping?

Demi Lovato: Actually? A diamond ring. I bought it for myself. I was having a bad week the other week, and I was working a lot, and I saw it in a store in the mall when I was shooting the Shop Til You Rock promos. I asked my dad if I could buy it, and he said yes. We kind of have a tradition in my family to buy yourself something nice or get a present when you’ve worked really hard and have something to celebrate. I’m so fortunate to be so blessed and have so many things to celebrate, so I bought myself a gift. And I'm wearing it in the Shop Til You Rock promos.