Buzzworthy Obsession: Kat DeLuna's 'Push Push' Video

Kat DeLuna has always had an around-the-way girl charm. Her early hits like "Whine Up" and "Run The Show" present her as a gal next door -- approachable and fun. But this awesome video for her new single, "Push Push," reinvents Kat as a dance diva. And we applaud that!

Directed by Hank Friedman and featuring Akon, "Push Push" features many Kat DeLunas, as the singer performs the pulsating dance track in a house of mirrors with choreography reflecting a real Busby Berkeley (old-time Hollywood director) influence.

The song itself is about Kat urging on a would-be suitor to step his game up. But honestly, when dealing with so many Kats and so many costume changes and so much Akon, it's almost besides the point.

Kat's Inside Out album is due out this year.