Buzz Bites (6/28/10) -- Katy Perry Goes Topless For 'Esquire'

(Credit: Esquire UK)

+ Katy Perry posed topless for the British version of Esquire magazine (aka your new favorite magazine ever.) But don't worry! It was for a good cause: A magazine! (Fab Life)

+ Speaking of topless, Justin Bieber's mom is NOT going to pose for Playboy! You people are SICK! SICK, I tell you! (Monsters And Critics)

+ Speaking of Justin Bieber, his dad has a website. In which he's topless. Everybody's topless! (Buzzfeed)

+ Also, are Katy Perry and Russell Brand already married already? (Just Jared)

+ Chris Brown was supposed to perform Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" during last night's BET Awards. That only half happened. (MTV News)

+ Even The New York Times was like "WAH?" over Chris Brown's BET Awards performance. (The New York Times)

+ And here's why Justin Bieber was not at the BET Awards. (Ace Showbiz)

+ Finally: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline got together ... BUT ONLY for their sons' preschool graduation. PHEW! (People)