POSTED: Forever The Sickest Kids Take You Inside Bamboozle, Introduce You To Gold Robot

We've been keeping track of All Time Low all this month on "Posted" as the group crosses the country on the Bamboozle Roadshow. Also checking in with us? Their tourmates, Forever The Sickest Kids. Check out another tour blog from Kyle Burns. And get more behind-the-scenes footage from Bamboozle, along with tweets, photos and videos at

Whattup again!

Coming again to you live from the Bamboozle Roadshow, where dreams come true and the TRUTH HURTS. And by saying that, I have no idea what point I was trying to get across. It actually sounds like something a WWE wrestler would say. Not a drummer.

ANYWAYS, things are going great! I have been really enjoying this tour so much. I meet someone new every day that is part of this tour, and one piece of advice i could share is that name repetition really does help remember someone's name -- especially if you are part of a tour for more than a month, and there are close to maybe 400 traveling people on it, including crew, vendors, band members, etc.)

For instance, in the pics below is a photo of me and "Gold Robot." It took me several

embarrassing days to get his name right. Gold Robot. Gold Robot. Gold Robot. I get to hang with him every day at the LMFAO show. One of my favorites of the tour!

In the other photos as well are Boys Like Girls rockin' hard. They are an amazing band and have gotten the chance to really get to know those guys. Great performers!

The other photo of the empty amphitheater is one of my favorite times of the day. (WARNING: incoming emo moment). After seeing thousands of people every day, I go on the empty stage at night when all has left, sometimes .ith friends, but most of the time alone and kick it for a moment. I get to reflect on how surreal these days truly are to me and FTSK. I cant believe we went from playing songs in a garage to playing shows on a stage for so many. So amazing and it makes one appreciate every day and all the friends and fans of our band. So thank you to all who have come to hang and party with us at a show!

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, here's a picture also of us watching All Time Low burn stuff on a beach area. Those guys are really fun to hang with and joke with. I am usually graced with the presence with at least one of the band members on stage during our set every day. They make great target practice for throwing drumsticks.

And the last photo I included is one of our crew members, Ricardo, showing his appreciation toward Caleb. How nice.

Until we talk again MTV-ers!