Drake, Kelly Rowland, J. Cole And The Game Remember Michael Jackson

A year ago today, Michael Jackson passed away at age 50.

He left behind an incredible body of work, a legacy unsurpassed by any other entertainment and legions of shocked fans throughout the world.

Among those fans, of course, were other musicians who grew up and were inspired musically by Michael Jackson. Artists such as Drake, who was in Toronto when he heard the news that Michael Jackson had died; Kelly Rowland, who was in New York City; and The Game.

"It was somebody that you just don't picture not being here," Drake said, reflecting on Michael Jackson's death. "... He's a childhood icon. He seemed invincible. I'd love to do a quarter of what Michael Jackson did, which was change the world."

J. Cole recalled that "the man literally gave his life to entertain... He gave his life for that. He couldn't live a normal life because of that."

Kelly Rowland recalls crying uncontrollably and reflected upon Michael Jackson's transcendent qualities. "Michael is a magician. He made so many of us believe and dream. He is the most amazing entertainer to me of all time," Kelly reflected. "He gave us so many great songs of all time, so we thank you and love you and miss you so much, Michael."

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