Buzz Bites (6/25/10) -- Miley Cyrus Is DEFINITELY Not Team Edward

+ Sorry, Robert Pattinson. Miley Cyrus is just not that into you. (E! Online)

+ Speaking of Robert Pattinson, "Eclipse" premiered last night! Here's everything that happened! (Hollywood Crush)

+ Who dropped trou at the "Eclipse" premiere? Kellan Lutz! That's who! (USA Today)

+ Today, of course, sadly marks the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. He left behind devout fans around the world and a host of unfinished projects. (MTV News)

+ Michael Jackson's musical contributions are endless, but you may have forgotten about these 10 Michael Jackson songs. (Idolator)

+ Avril can't decide between snowboards or motorcycles. (Is this the new vampires vs. werewolves conundrum?) (I'm Not Obsessed)

+ Gorillaz talk Glastonbury and Bono's sunglasses. (The Guardian)

+ Writing for Christina Aguilera-inspired M.I.A.'s "Born Free." (MTV UK)

+ You can sleep easier tonight knowing that Rihanna upgraded to the new iPhone. (Neon Limelight)

+ Amy Winehouse is in love again. And this time she's playing for keeps. (Showbizspy)

+ What do Britney Spears and Obama have in common? Hint: It's got 140 characters and a whale. (SocialBeat)

+ Nicki Minaj dressed NORMALLY on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." There's something depressing about that. (Bark Bite Blog)