New Video: Tokio Hotel 'Darkside Of The Sun'

Tokio Hotel's 2010 tour may be over, but that doesn't mean it's turning off the lights and locking up Humanoid City. Quite the contrary. Tokio Hotel just dropped a brand-new video for "Darkside Of The Sun," which is a performance video that a) fulfills your desire for another Tokio Hotel video and b) gives you a little piece of the group's upcoming live CD/DVD, Humanoid City (July 20) to look forward to.

"Darkside Of The Sun," shot mainly in Milan, Italy, features Tokio Hotel's very "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"-meets-Gotham City set, holy sh** special effects (TOM'S PIANO ON FIRE! U2 PopMart-leaning graphics!), Bill Kaulitz's unbelievable DSquared warrior robot costume and several shots of a crying blonde.

It's a classic performance video in the vein of Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City," or, more recent, Paramore's "Careful" video. And it's a perfect way to close out Tokio's "Humanoid City" tour.

+ Watch "Darkside Of The Sun" and tell us what you think of Tokio Hotel's new video!