The Buzz On: Burnham

First there was Hanson, and we were happy. Then came the Jonas Brothers, and we were excited. Now, the next in the long and storied history of fraternal boy bands comes Burnham, made up of brothers Alex, Andre and Forrest Burnham.

Burnham was born when the Vermont brothers turned their parents' living room into a rehearsal space for multihour jam sessions. They caught the attention of Island Def Jam, with a sound that skews much more rock than the aforementioned bands of brothers.

Still, despite sophisticated musical chops, Burnham still retain some youthful, innocent qualities. And that's what makes them special; that killer combination of adult sounds through the prism of teenage voices, particularly in their breakout single,  "Catch Me If You Can."

Following a well-proven songwriting formula beloved by everyone from Nirvana to Kelly Clarkson ("Catch Me If You Can" actually feels like an updated, male-driven "Since U Been Gone"), Burnham's highly capable of quickly transitioning from moodily quiet to powerfully loud with aplomb, rocking out during the surging chorus.

On the upcoming debut album, which the group has been working on with Ryan Tedder, expect sophisticated, stick-with-you, hook-heavy tracks that defy their years. And expect to hear a lot more about these boys: They're about to head out on tour with Justin Bieber.