Star Spotting: Katy Perry Leaves Her Hat On

Earlier today we marveled at Hipster Beyoncé: a totally relaxed, carefree and casual Ms. Knowles, hanging out in New York City. And here we have Katy Perry, strolling through London, just yesterday afternoon (possibly going undercover as Russell Brand -- the tight pants! The long loose hair?).

I think we have a trend on our hands. It seems like these ladies are drawing a line in the sand between their celebrity personas (as in their onstage getups and the costumes they wear in their videos) and their real lives. I'm talking duality of existence, people! I'm also talking cute hats!

Maybe these gals are just like, "Eff wearing 11-inch heels and stunner shades and a pound of makeup. I love me just the way I am." Or maybe, in the face of Lady Gaga's fall heard round the world, yesterday ...

(Credit: INFDaily via TMZ)

Our lady stars are being just a little more practical in their everyday attire.

Check out Katy Perry in a far less functional outfit in her "California Gurls" video.