Song You Need To Know: The-Dream, 'Florida University'

Taken from his hotly anticipated, totally stunning Love King album, here's The-Dream with what might just be the catchiest song of the summer: "Florida University."

Gators? Gainesville? Why Florida University, you ask? Well take a look at the picture above. Now imagine The-Dream wasn't extending his index finger... Yeah, that's what "Florida University" stands for.

This is one of the most cutting and hilariously bitter breakup songs you will ever hear. Couched inside of a beat that recalls Justin Timberlake's "My Love," The-Dream gets to finally tell the girl of his nightmares, "I told you so."

If this seems all a little vague, it's because I'm really trying not to curse. But that pales in comparison to how creative The-Dream gets with the same task. Really, this one is all about the chorus, where you get to scream, "F U!" at the top of your lungs to the one that broke your heart.

Check out "Florida University" below. Love King is out June 29.

+ Listen to The-Dream, "Florida University," on MySpace. (NSFW)