Buzzworthy Exclusive: Phoenix On 'Saturday Night Live' And The Kids Of PS22

(Credit: Scott Gries/MTV)

We're all still catching our breath and drying eyes from Phoenix's near-holy "MTV Unplugged" performance. The marimba on "Lisztomania" would have been worth the entrance fee alone, had there been an entrance fee!

But what about the men behind the music? What's on their minds? We decided to find out in this exclusive Buzzworthy Q&A with the fine Frenchmen of Phoenix.

Find out how Phoenix felt about appearing on "Saturday Night Live" (guitarist Laurent Brancowitz musing, "We didn't know it was imporrrrtaaant,' FTW!"). Hear about how Phoenix has changed since the group's early days, how they felt about PS22's kiddie chorus cover of "Lisztomania" and much, much more.

Check out the interview as well as their "Unplugged" performance of "Lisztomania" below.

+ Watch Phoenix's entire "MTV Unplugged" performance.