Buzz Bites (6/24/10): Justin Bieber Stunts On Crowd At First Night Of Tour

+ Justin Bieber's Hartford, Connecticut, tour kickoff involved scaling walls, karate, acapella singing, acoustic guitar serenades and appearances from Usher and Sean Kingston. (MTV News)

+ Meet the fan who is single-handedly trying to keep Christina Aguilera on the charts by buying 250 copies of Bionic. (Idolator)

+ Someone may have had Rihanna, Lady Gaga or even Kelly Rowland in mind when they designed these "sadistic," elaborate bras. NSFW. (Refinery29)

+ Miranda Cosgrove was spotted out rocking a vintage, bedazzled or bejeweled Rolling Stones T-shirt. (JustJaredJr)

+ Mariah Carey is being sued for $30,000 in unpaid veterinarian bills. Don't forget about us, the pets, Mimi! Or the bills. (PopEater)