Star Spotting: Hi There, Hipster Beyonce!

It looks like Beyoncé is having a really nice, really chill summer. Here she is, spotted last night at the one-year anniversary party for Club Avenue in New York City. I don't really know why nightclubs need anniversary parties, but whatever excuse is needed to have Beyoncé come out, looking like she just spent the last three months in Williamsburg listening to MGMT on repeat, is a worthy occasion.

Through all her videos for I Am ... Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé has presented herself as an icon; the amazonian firestarter of "Single Ladies," the robot of "Diva," the desperate housewife of "Why Don't You Love Me." Even in "Halo," she looked otherworldly.

But here, on a random Wednesday night out, she just looks like a normal New York City gal! Ripped jean shorts, "Flashdance"-style T-shirt, curly hair. All hail Hipster Beyoncé! And all hail her awesome videos for "Single Ladies," "Diva" and "Halo," below.