Departures And Arrivals: Which Stars Handle Air Travel The Best? Gaga? Britney? Miley?

You may look at the title of this post, blink twice and think, "?" But think again, folks. Where do stars spend most of their time? On stage? Wrong. In the studio? Nah. Nope, these little darlings of the celebrity galaxy spend most of their time in airports. Taking off and landing and waiting. They're just like us! So we thought, in light of Lady Gaga's recent capsizing at Heathrow Airport in London ...

(Credit: INFdaily via TMZ)

Today, we're taking a look at which of our favorite stars handles air travel the best. Let's look at the evidence.

+ Miley Cyrus: We love Miley, but this is a lesson in how not to look at the airport. Here we see she who cannot be tamed, deboarding with her beau, Liam Hemsworth. The dour look on Miley's face might be due to the presence of paparazzi, but I think it's more likely got to do with Liam and Miley only having one laptop between them and Liam demanding they watched "300" (again!) when Milers wanted to watch "The Proposal."

+ Britney Spears: Aha! The ol' master-of-disguise method. Who is that normal-looking blonde girl wearing granny glasses and carrying what looks like a sewing machine or typewriter? Is she going to a party in the 1940s? No! It's Britney Spears! Fooled ya!

+ Jonas Brothers: Whoop! Whoop! It's the sound of the Jonas Brothers arriving at the airport. Forget frowning your way through security check-in! The JB's bring security to them! On motorcycles! Here we have the brothers Jonas on the tarmac at the Austin, Texas, airport. Love how Kevin is dressed up as every single Tom Cruise movie character ever all at once.

+ Taylor Swift: This is how you do it. Taylor Swift, who just got off a flight to Japan in the above pic, looks like she just stepped out of the salon. And she's got nothing but smiles for her fans. Bravo.

+ Lady Gaga: Konichiwa, Bitches! We weren't gonna let this go by without pointing out the grand dame of airport fashion and style, Lady Gaga. Sure, she might have toppled over in London, but look at her turn Narita International Airport into a fashion show!