New Video: Jonas Brothers, 'Feelin' Alive'

It's the revenge of the Jonas Brothers, people. Just yesterday we were wondering whether or not the JB's were losing their edge, whether or not other pop culture phenomenons like "Twilight" and Justin Bieber had taken their place in the hearts of young America, whether they had become, well ... dorky.

Well, the Jonas Brothers will not slip quietly into the night! They're back, with the soundtrack to their show "Jonas L.A.," and this brand-new video for "Feelin' Alive," taken from said show's soundtrack.

"Feelin' Alive," is a very pretty song with an inspirational, uplifting vibe to it. The video is, more or less, live footage of the band performing. Interestingly enough the Jonas Brothers swing for the fences early, pulling out their patented group-walk down the extended platform of the stage in the opening bars of the song.

Check out the video below. The "Jonas L.A." soundtrack is out now.