Buzz Bites (6/23/10): Miley Cyrus Is Not A Rapper

+ If you thought you heard Miley Cyrus rapping on her new song, "Liberty Walk," think again. According to Cyrus, it's "spoken, rhythmic singing ... I've got no swag." (MTV News)

+ Carrie Underwood will marry hockey player Mike Fisher on July 10. (JustJared)

+ Jay-Z is being sued by a private jet company who claim Hova owes them for hours spent privately flying the friendly skies. Who among us hasn't forgotten to pay the private jet company from time to time!? (TheFabLife)

+ Jerry Seinfeld has got some major issues with Lady Gaga over the use of his New York Mets luxury box and the bird-flipping that ensued there. (Idolator)

+ Speaking of Gaga, she wore some really big boots while walking around Heathrow airport and then fell down. (TMZ)