Star Spotting: Katy Perry Won't Let Stitches Stop Her From Looking Fabulous

Here we see Katy Perry in all her casual (for her) glory as she visits a Toronto radio station the day after the MuchMusic Video Awards. But, though she may not look it, the singer actually had a pretty rough night. At some point, (perhaps during her performance of "California Gurls"?) something went wrong, causing Perry to need 17 stitches.

Perry tweeted earlier, "17 stitches later ... Don't make fun of my dance moves tomorrow. That's what got me here in the first place! Thanks for the souvenir Canada :)!" Does that mean it was a dance-related injury?

Whatever happened and however painful it was, it didn't stop the future Mrs. Russell Brand from rocking some pretty outstanding stilettos.

Applaud this woman. Most gals wouldn't dare don heels like that at all, much less after a dozen and a half stitches. Let's hope that's she's at least exhibiting an extra dose of caution. And if she's not, well, that's dedication to your shoe game!

By way of wishing her a speedy recovery, check out Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video, below.