Star Spotting: Nobody Pouts Like Rihanna

Nobody turns her smile upside down like Rihanna. Here we see the last girl on earth leaving Phillipe Chow in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. When you're the kind of gal who matches her sweater with her hair, I think it's fair to say you're the kind of gal who likes things just so.

Which is probably why we see lots of pics, like the one above, of Rihanna not looking entirely thrilled. Don't ask me why! I just looked at the menu of Philipe Chow, and I am wild hungry right now! Maine Lobster spring rolls?! Are you kidding? Cheer up, lady! Get some Crispy Duck Soup! Some Salt And Pepper Maryland Soft Shell Crab! Some Chicken Satay! Some Wok Fried Mayonnaise Prawns (actually ... maybe not that last one).

I'm just saying: nice night, Los Angeles Dodgers boyfriend, awesome hair, awesome outfit ... cheer up, Boo.