New Video: Kelis, '4th Of July'

Kelis has never shied away from the literal. I'm thinking, specifically, of the presence of milkshakes in her video for ... wait for it ..."Milkshake."

But if you've come to her new clip for "4th Of July" (off her new album Flesh Tone) expecting fireworks or hot dogs or kids waving tiny American flags, you will be sadly disappointed.

Which isn't to say there's not a lot to love about this desert-set dance anthem. Directed by Rankin, this clip finds the ex-Mrs. Nas in the sandy mountains and dry plains doing some interpretive dance, rocking her patented nose-to-earring-chain and generally being a diva (in the best way possible).

After our desert interlude, Kelis spins the imagery roulette wheel, landing in the club amid flashing lights, a Native American headdress (holler at Ke$ha!) and some fiery dance moves.

It's a lot to take in, but the journey is worth it for the song alone.

Flesh Tone is out July 6.