Watch Miley's 'Miley Cyrus: Live In L.A.' Performance!

Missed Miley Cyrus' show? Watch "Can't Be Tamed," "Who Owns My Heart," and "Liberty Walk" below, and watch the rest of the show, including "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" here. And check out more photos from the concert too! And read below for a play-by-play of everything that happened tonight.

We're so into Miley Cyrus' brand-new album, Can't Be Tamed, and tonight's "Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed World Premiere Live" concert, live from House of Blues Sunset in Los Angeles -- streaming live on -- that we're live blogging Miley's every move! Put your hands in the air and follow along here!

11:00 -- That's all! Stay tuned for photos and videos from "Miley Cyrus: Live In L.A."

10:55 -- Miley's telling the crowd she wrote "Heart Beats For Love" for her gay fans for anyone who's felt discriminated or judged. Total lighters/peace sign-up epic.

10:51 -- Miley intros "Robot" by telling everyone to do what they want and do what they love.

10:48 -- It's an '80s classic, but Miley's making "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" her own by adding a little country flair.

10:44 -- Miley just dedicated "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" to her mom who's home sick and loves this song, and to Bret Michaels. Awww.

10:39 -- Miley's dedicating "Liberty Walk" to women stuck in physically or mentally abusive relationships and says she's a good example of being able to break free. Wow.

10:35 -- "Who Owns My Heart" (Miley's second song) is owning right now.

10:33 -- "Can't Be Tamed" looks bad-ayse! Love Miley's shorter hair and her spot-on dancers. Woah. Did she just kiss that guy? (No? Bummer.)

10:30 -- IT'S HERE! Love the haunting intro ...

10:28 -- Miley's answering MTV fan questions. And no, she has no plans to write a song with Justin Bieber, at least not right now. Bummer.

10:25 -- Um is 11-year-old Stella not the CUTEST little Miley fan EVAR?

10:22 -- A guy in the audience who looks like a Kevin Jonas/Pete Wentz hybrid just said he'd get a matching tattoo with Miley. Perhaps that can be arranged.

10:21 -- Sway's warming up the crowd and pretty much just made a dance-off happen. It's about to get "High School Musical" up in here.

10:18 -- Sway's catching up with Miley who's chatting about Liam, who loves "Can't Be Tamed."

10:14 -- The crowd's filling up the House Of Blues, waiting for Miley!