LOLs: Ke$ha's 'TiK ToK' Gets The 'Star Trek' Treatment

It's the question we've been begging to have answered: What if, rather than Alexander Courage's legendary "Star Trek"-theme music, you went into space, the final frontier, and were greeted with the sounds of Ke$ha? What if the voyages of the Starship Enterprise were scored by the catchy-as-all-get-out-but-not-appropriate-for-exploring-new-worlds-tones of "TiK ToK"? Well, thanks to the internet (and hat tip to the folks at Vulture for spotting this), we now know.

This video simply mashes up images from the original "Star Trek" television show with the lyrics to "TiK ToK." It's full of visual jokes -- when Ke$ha refers to her phone blowing up, we see a shot of the Enterprise crew answering their communicators. We also get some great Shatner pimp action.

Check out this amazing "Star Trek" video below as well as Ke$ha's original "Tik Tok" video.