Buzz Bites (6/21/10): Eminem's 'Sex And The City' Secret

+ Eminem appeared on E!'s The Soup with host Joel McHale and revealed his latent Sex And The City passion. (Idolator)

+ Radiohead have almost wrapped up their follow-up to In Rainbows. Guitarist Ed O'Brien calls the album "genuinely exciting ... it's very different from what we did last time." (MTV News)

+ Ex-Metro Station member Trace Cyrus (who is also brother to some girl named Miley) fired some tweeted shots in the direction of "High School Musical" 's Ashley Tisdale, writing she was, "the worst person I've met in my life." (JustJaredJr)

+ Speaking of the Cyrus clan, Miley performed in a rather controversial ensemble at the MuchMusic Awards. She was joined onstage by Justin Bieber during her performance of "Party In The U.S.A." (CelebBuzz)

+ Taylor Swift is trying to bring high-waisted bathing suits back in style, which haven't been since, like, the 1950s. Still, it's Taylor Swift, and she can do pretty much anything, so we've got faith. (TMZ)