New Video: Justin Bieber, Featuring Usher, 'Somebody To Love Remix'

If the rhetorical question is "So you think you can dance," then Justin Bieber's not-so-rhetorical answer is yes, as evidenced by his video for "Somebody To Love (Remix)," which features Usher and premiered on "So You Think You Can Dance." Justin apparently does think he can dance, and he's not wrong for thinking it. Sure, Usher does most of the heavy lifting where dancing is concerned, and Justin, who's more of a singer than a dancer, is in no danger of upstaging Usher on the dance floor. But it's nice to see Justin expanding the scope of talents to include pelvic thrusts, "Matrix"-style slo-mo leans and similar choreo to Usher's "Caught Up" video. (He learned from the master!). It's also nice to see Justin looking a little more mature and sophisticated in a hoodie and leather jacket. Indeed, it looks like the Biebs is growing up (as people inevitably do -- you can't stop time, people!), and his videos are growing up with him, as this is his flashiest, most grandiose video yet.

Props to the "Somebody To Love (Remix)" video, specifically to esteemed director Dave Meyers, who put that classic early '00s-style big-money polish on the piece -- for employing fire, shirtless dudes, white ninjas, (did I mention fire and ninjas?), Beat Freaks and Poreotics from "America's Best Dance Crew" and vague allusions to Busta Rhymes' "Pass the Courvousier (Part II)" video and Chris Brown's "Wall To Wall" video.

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