Song You Need To Know: Mike 'The Situation,' 'The Situation Rap'

Sure, gym, tan, laundry is a design for life that all of us can get behind. But there has to be a little more out there. But man and woman cannot live on GTL alone. Especially if they happen to star on the wildly entertaining and successful reality show "Jersey Shore."

Such is the logic behind JWOWW's new clothing line. And it is certainly behind the important piece of popular culture you are about to experience: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's debut single, "The Situation Rap."

Now, given the above photo of "The Situation" with his brother from another mother, John Mayer, you might expect some introspective, hushed folk rock. But you would be really, really wrong.

"The Situation Rap" is exactly what it says on the box: "The Situation." Rapping. Over a beat worthy of beating up, The Situation teams up with legendary hip-hop hype-man Fatman Scoop and lays down some rhymes about just how heavy he's doing it in the clubs.

+ Listen to "The Situation Rap."