New Video: OK Go, 'End Love'

At this point, and I mean this in the best way possible, you go to OK Go for the peppy, quirky power-pop, but you stay for the videos. The band has become prolific at creating innovative, cutting-edge clips with multiple-replay value.

Let's review: There's the treadmill choreography of "Here It Goes Again," the mind-bending, kaleidoscopic special effects of "WTF?" and the one-take, marching band madness of "This Too Shall Pass." Every time these guys get in front of the camera something great happens.

The new video for "End Love," immediately joins past OK Go videos as another imaginative endeavor. Since the song, taken from the group's Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, is about the apocalyptic feeling that comes with the end of a relationship, it's only fitting that the video plays with time itself.

With a whole toolbox of time-lapse tricks, OK Go -- along with co-directors Eric Gunther and Jeff Lieberman -- have made a warped, beautiful video. You have to see it to believe it.

Check out the video for "End Love," below, along with OK Go's famous clips for "This Too Shall Pass" and "WTF?"