POSTED: Alex Gaskarth And All Time Low Hit The Midwest -- And We've Got The Pictures To Prove It

All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth has been keeping us posted on all the crazy performances -- and crazier offstage antics -- while the band is out on the Bamboozle Roadshow and keeping MTV updated all this month on POSTED. Lucky for all you Hustlers out there, Alex has recently checked in from the road, regaling us with stories about rain, partying and even a wedding. (Spoiler: It's not who you think!) Check his musings and a bunch of ATL goodies below!

By Alex Gaskarth

What's up, party people! We’re out on the Bamboozle Roadshow right now. The shows are going great, and we’re having so much fun on this trip. We’re getting to play and hang out with some of our idols. It's pretty UNREAL! Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind! Not to mention we're out again with our boys, Boys Like Girls, who we’ve missed hanging out with. We toured with them back in 2008 and haven’t really crossed paths with them since.

The shows have been great. We’ve made it halfway across the country, and now we’re making our way back to the East Coast. We’re currently in the Midwest. It looks like it's going to pour today, and the show is outside. So far we have lucked out and haven’t really dealt with much rain, but I think our luck just ran out.

At the moment, Jack is asleep in the back lounge after a long night of partying with 3EB, Zack is getting tattooed in the front lounge and I'm just hanging out watching him get inked. Rian, unfortunately, isn’t here. He had to fly home for his brother's wedding this weekend. (Congrats, Chase!)

That's it for now. Keep checking in to MTV Posted for more candid videos, pictures and blogs. I know we have a lot of videos and stuff online, but this stuff is going to be completely raw with no editing. Just some straight-up backstage footage from the tour.

If we haven’t come around yet, hope to see you on the tour!



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