Nas And Damian Marley Want To Help Africa (Possibly By Drilling For Oil)

Rap and reggae may have a common ancestor -- Jamaican toasting –- but that wasn't the inspiration for Nas and Damian Marley’s partnership on their new album, Distant Relatives.

“He’s a G,” says Nas about Damian, when asked about what brought the two together. Damian returns the love, noting one of his earliest tracks was recorded over a Nas beat and that the two often cover similar issues in their rhymes.

Distant Relatives focuses on Africa's potential and how even the poorest ’hoods in America have much more than many townships in the Land of Kings. You can hear Nas and Damian talk more about their collaboration and plans for improving life in Africa -- from supporting education to pumping up the economy. For example, Nas, the kid from Queensbridge, wants to tap the African oil business. Really. He wants to be an oil man. Check it out for yourself ...