Buzz Bites -- (6/11/10): Miley Cyrus Confronts Drug Rumors

+ Miley Cyrus explains that just because she's out in the club doesn't necessarily mean that she's sippin' that bub. Or that she's on drugs. But a drink at age 21? Miley MIGHT do that. So for the record: Miley on drugs = never. Miley and conscious consumption of alcohol when she's of legal age? Maybe. (Us Weekly)

+ Lady Gaga goes out for a hot dog and gets totally upstaged by a mystery nipple. (BuzzFeed)

+ Kelis goes desert-chic in this teaser for her new video "Fourth Of July." (We Are Pop Slags)

+ Why Ricky Martin should've been in The Little Mermaid. THANK YOU. I've been saying that for YEARS. (New Now Next)

+ Taylor Swift is more music than movies these days. (MTV News)

+ Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" video is about to premiere! We wait with baited Bieber breath. Wait. That sounded bad. (PopEater)