Star Spotting: Lady Gaga's One-Finger Salute

Lady Gaga was all smiles in the photo below, taken at New York's Citi Field during yesterday's Mets game, which she took in from the comfort of Jerry Seinfeld's own personal box seats.

But moments later she introduced a paparazzo to one of her nine fingers when she articulated her middle finger and flipped him the bird. Either that, or Gaga's REALLY not a Padres fan. OR she saw Katy Perry's anti-"Alejandro" Tweet. (Wait, isn't Lady Gaga actually the biggest paparazzi fan? I'm confused.)

Clearly the middle finger is Gaga's favorite finger -- she flipped off another New York photographer at a hot dog stand this past Tuesday. Can't a girl just take in a Mets game while wearing a black studded bra and thong, or eat a hot dog in a black Latex cape, or go to a high school graduation IN PEACE, for God's sake?

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