David Lee Roth Inspires Kittens

NO Internet video is funnier than "Kittens Inspired By Kittens," the YouTube video in which a precocious little blonde girl freestyles over a creepy 1970s-looking kids' book about kittens. And NO ONE owned screaming like Van Halen's lead singer David Lee Roth, who basically looked like Ke$ha before there was a Ke$ha. AND AT LAST, we have here the blessed union of both in the form of "Kittens Inspired By David Lee Roth." (Via BuzzFeed)

Watch "Kittens Inspired By David Roth" and check out MTV's Kurt Loder interview David Lee Roth -- in which Diamond Dave references Horatio Alger, therapy, and ... "sugar" -- back in the olden days of 1997.

Kittens, Inspired by David Lee Roth from topherchris on Vimeo.